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Articles on Belly Dance, by Anthea Kawakib

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Anthea Kawakib 2007

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Many of these articles are from my "For Beginners" column in ZAGHAREET! magazine and are reproduced by permission of the publisher.
Sharina (editor and publisher of Zaghareet! Magazine) says: "Even though itís a 'Beginner' column, what you write is very insightful.... I think thereís always something in there for all of us"

When I first began belly dance classes I had SO many questions: I didn't know how to put combinations together, or how to dance with the music, and how to polish my performances. I found out so much by studying with my teacher, watching other dancers, and spending lots of time dancing on my own. I also performed in thousands of shows over the years and learned what worked best for me in different situations, from live bands to improvisation.
Now I'm happy to share what I've learned with you. These short articles are about different topics that often come up in belly dance class, or are in response to questions I've seen posted in online forums. Scroll down to see all the categories.

FAQs, Questions Beginners Ask, and What Every Belly Dancer Should Know

Creating Your Choreography; Composing A Dance By Using Music Interpretation

Sewing Tutorials and Costume Questions

All About Improvising

Technique Explained, and How To Improve Yours

Finger Cymbals, Zills, or Sagat

Performing Secrets, Stage Skills, and Holistic Solutions to Chaotic Problems

How to Get Along With Other Belly Dancers

Self-Discovery In Your Dance Journey

How to Teach Belly Dance, Or Even Learn to Dance On Your Own

Historical Re-enactment


Personal Stories

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