What others are saying... 

What they say about Anthea Kawakib's teaching and experience:

"Just wanted to let you know that four of your students were at our last workshop. They all danced beautifully and did a wonderful job of keeping up with the instructor. When I was watching....their movements were very concise, and it was clear that they were receiving excellent instruction!" - Zitana (Women of Selket troupe, Richmond VA)
"Your portfolio is highly impressive and your dancing and demeanor are professional. I am recommending that you be certified. Congratulations! Between the DVD and the written information you sent, you demonstrate a great deal of knowledge of Middle Eastern Dance in its various forms. From Raks Sharqi to Tribal Fusion to zills, veils, sword and cane it is obvious that you know your material very well and that you have an excellent ability to communicate this to your students." - Certification judge
"She...has been very instrumental in teaching me how to break away from standard 1,2,3,4 (combination) construction. From the few workshops we've been able to take with her, it has opened our minds to the myriad of possibilities on where to place accents and how to build crescendo into a little combo....(hers) were some of the few combos that fit right underneath the advanced zil (finger cymbal) rhythms we were learning...." - Zi'ah Ali of Awalim

Customers rave about Anthea's instructional booklets:

"(Kawakib's Dance Tips) provide enough useful information to satisfy both beginner and advanced dancer," and "actual moments of enlightenment... occurred while I was reading over the papers." - Princess Salima

"Contrary to what the title implies, the book is NOT a random collection of dance tips but a systematic description of what she considers to be the building blocks of good dance, all of which are applicable to improvisation. Most of the book (30 pages) centers around Knowing Your Music (including how to break down and diagram the melodic phrasing and the rhythms in it). The rest touch on translating the music into shapes in body movements and floor patterns, and on how to use stage positions for maximum impact." - Maura Enright

"A student of mine purchased your dance tips book and loves it. She lent it to me so I could see the similarities between your tips book and my teaching. She was right!  So now I am recommending your book to all my students! You word everything so well and speak so eloquently. Especially in the end about reflecting reality in in your dance." - Rose Champagne (MA)

"(Guide to Teaching) is a gem... it saved me a lot of time and trouble."  - Latifa (MD)

What People Say About Anthea's Classes:

"Anthea Kawakib Poole combines an innate sense musicality with technical perfection, and then stirs in a love of improvisation and folk dancing. Out of that, she offers students a unique opportunity to study Egyptian-style belly dance, Folkloric belly dance, and her own unique group improvisational style of dance - Tribal Odyssey Belly Dance. Kawakib offers numerous free short instructional clips, as well as teaching guides and instructional videos, but her live classes aren't to be missed!"  - Rajni (J.Kay-Williams) (GA)

"I have been in classes taught by Anthea and I bought a DVD she is on and her teaching manual. She is a true professional with a deep understanding, AND she is pleasant to work with. Her finger cymbal drills were an easy way to get my whole troupe playing zills (finger cymbals), where some had been reluctant before." - Nina Amaya (MD)

"Anthea is such a great teacher. Many of my friends have taken classes with her for years and learned a lot and enjoyed them greatly. I finally started classes at the beginning of this year and I've been having a lot of fun learning a simple choreography. She starts off with warmups and stretches and she's very patient and very good at explaining each move and how it all fits together. Definitely recommend her if you're looking for a bellydance class!" - Josie De (VA)
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