Learn to Let Yourself Dance

And Get Out Of Your Own Way

"For Beginners" (ZAGHAREET! Jan/Feb. 2005)
by Anthea Kawakib Poole

The power of mind over matter - specifically, bodies - is a reality that a dance teacher must constantly take into consideration. Expectations, mind-sets, prejudices - all have an effect on someone's ability to learn. Some students can't or won't see themselves as successful, and instead of letting their "Inner Coach" direct their flow of energy, they sabotage their growth with negativity.

The Two Types of Self-Sabotage

"Will So-and-so let herself do the step right this time?"  I sometimes find myself wondering this as I watch a student in class. I've seen a few potentially promising dancers "I can't" themselves right out the door. Their self-image as a dancer was crippled with doubt.

In contrast to these students who are afraid to try are those who try too hard. They take on too many challenges and suffer disappointment when they fail to accomplish them. In the words of the poet Bob Marley, "Don't jump in the water if you can't swim".

In both cases, they have the same problem: misdirected energy. The first student uses hers to restrict herself, the second invites restrictions from the outside world. These dancers are wasting their creative energy!

The Inner Coach

The key to solving this problem is in relaxing enough to let an unrestricted flow of divine energy direct your efforts. No one knows better than our creative spirit, "the first Source and Center" where your energy is best used. You need not worry about failure when you "Go With The Flow", nor need you worry that your time will be wasted!

Resolve to let yourself become aware of your latent talents and energies; open yourself up to your "Inner Coach" and experience the satisfaction of slow but steady growth.

Read on to see how you can exercise your mind for better Brain Co-ordination.

(Adapted from a previously-published article in The Spiral Grove News )

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