My Professional Belly Dance Career, and Background

Why such a detailed list?

Many dancers' websites only have vague claims about their experience such as "I've performed at many clubs; I've been teaching for years" but what does that really mean? Sometimes you want to know the facts.

This page lists the details of my work experience: dates, names, and locations and more, so it's easy to understand what "experienced" means as a dance professional. Use these links to jump to each section:

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Featured Performer* in restaurants

*in this case, "Featured" means regular weekly (or more) appearances; engagements of less than a year are not included.

Using recorded music

1992 through 2007: Marrakesh Restaurant (Washington, DC)
2006 through 2007: Radhuni (Fredericksburg VA)
2005 through 2006: Nader's (Fredericksburg, VA)
1988 - 1994: Culmore, D'Founy's, Sahib 

Dancing to live bands

2002 through 2006: Casablanca (monthly)
1988 - 1994: Athenian Corner, Jerusalem, Venice, Casablanca, El Cid,  Sabina's, Attila's

Other Performances

"First Night, Viginia"

Community arts celebration on New Year's Eve:

2002; 2007 through 2013 - Fredericksburg, Virginia
1995 - Leesburg, VA
1994 - Warrenton, VA
1989 through 1993 - Leesburg, VA
1986 through 1988 - Charlottesville, VA

                in yellow dress

Artistic Director of Performing Group

2000 - 2004 Founder, "Tribe Odyssey" (student performing group now part of Prism Dancers)
1999 - 2004 Founded "Pearls of Rhythm" percussion and dance troupe (1999-2003)
1997 Co-founded (with Donna Jackson) "Diva Dancers" of Fredericksburg VA
1994 - 1997 Artistic Director of "Topkapi Dancers"
1989 - current Founder, "Prism Dancers" (student performing group)

Production Experience: Workshops and/or Shows

2001 - 2003 "East Meets West" annual show and workshop (co-producer: Miramar of Winchester, Virginia)
2000 "Magic of Bellydance" show (co-producer: Donna Jackson)
2000 "Living Dance and Drum" seminar with guest artist Tahya of PA 
2000 "An Evening of Bellydance, Drumming, and Fun" with guest troupe Anima Mundi of Charlottesville

"Dancing In The Woods II" seminar with guest artist, Malika of DC 

1999 "Dancing In The Woods I" seminar (co-produced with Donna Jackson)

Annual Student Recitals

2001 through 20013: Fredericksburg, VA ("MidSummer Magic")
1992; 1994 through 1998: Charlottesville, VA

Teaching Experience - weekly classes since 1988

  • 1999 through present: Weekly classes (several levels) in Spotsylvania VA (privately and through Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Dept.)
  • 1998 through present: Bi-weekly (through 2002) then monthly classes in Middle Eastern style Percussion (Central Rappahannock Regional Library in Fredericksburg VA)
  • 1997 through 1998: Weekly classes in Woodbridge VA (StarDance Ballroom)
  • 1988 through 1998: Taught several levels of weekly classes in Charlottesville VA (through Albemarle County Community Education Dept.)
Additional locations of short run weekly classes: Locust Grove Va; Germanna Community College (Fredericksburg campus), Culpeper, VA.

Sponsored as Workshop Instructor

2012 Charlottesville VA "Red Clay Raqs" (sponsored by Shaheen AliKahn)
New Holland PA (sponsored by Melina and Xena)
Nags Head NC "Beach Blanket  Beledi" (sponsored by Chelydra)
2006 Berryville VA (sponsored by Miramar)
Clinton MD (ethnic workshop sponsored by WAMEDA)
2005 Charlottesville VA (sponsored by Shakti and Amalia)
2004 Clinton MD (ethnic workshop sponsored by WAMEDA)
2004 Norfolk VA (sponsored by Ruhiyyah)
2003 Blacksburg VA (sponsored by Donna Thornberry)
2003 Winchester VA (sponsored by Miramar)
2002 Charlottesville VA (sponsored by Susan Nicholson)
2002 Richmond VA (sponsored by Women of Selket)
2001 Philadelphia PA (sponsored by Najia)
2000 Hollywood, FL (sponsored by Maja)
2000 Cincinnati OH "Bellyjam" (sponsored by Niran al-Ubaidi)
1999 Washington D.C. (sponsored by Joy of Motion studio)
1997 Richmond VA (sponsored by Women of Selket)
1996 Virginia Beach (sponsored by Taaj fi Qalbi)
1996 Clinton, MD (ethnic workshop sponsored by WAMEDA)
1995 Richmond VA (sponsored by Women of Selket)
1993 Wintergreen VA (sponsored by Wintergreen Resort)

Lecture-demonstrations for Arts and Civic Organizations: 

Annual Fredericksburg Women's Forum
Central Rappahannock Library: Headquarters and Salem Church branches (Fredericksburg VA)
Rappahannock Association for Arts in the Community (Washington VA)
Middle Street Gallery (Washington VA)
Spirit Arts (Washington VA)
Life Is Learning (Warrenton VA)
Culpeper Ruritans
Lake of the Woods Lions Club

Study and Training

  • 1987 Joined Topkapi Dancers (Middle Eastern folkloric troupe) of Fairfax VA. Performed both folkloric and solo Oriental Dance at the National Theatre on several occasions. Resigned in good standing (as Artistic Director) in 1997
  • 1986 through 1988 Mentored by Bedia for private party performances
  • 1985 through 1988 Attended classes (group and private) with Bedia (Sandra McQueen); also took teacher training under Bedia; attended numerous workshops with nationally-known dance artists from 1985 through present
  • 1979 Began private study and research on bellydance

Additional Experience

  • 1999 Appeared as bellydancer "Tintinabula" (A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum) in 4 - 5 shows a week for a three-month run at Riverside Dinner Theatre, Fredericksburg VA

National Exposure:

  • 2002 Pearls of Rhythm Troupe (won 2nd Place in "East Coast Classic Bellydance Contest")
  • 2000 www.kawakib.com's "Stage Makeup" page featured as ZAGHAREET! magazine's "Internet Pick" (Sept/Oct. issue)
  • 1999 Featured as ZAGHAREET! magazine's "Shimmering Star of the Future" (May/June issue)
  • 1999 Won "Best Kept Secret" (Golden Belly Awards - national poll).
  • 1992 Featured in cameo appearance as a bellydancer on UNSOLVED MYSTERIES TV show detailing the unexplained harassment of the Marrakesh's owner, 'Bachir' Kouchakji
  • 1986 through present: Featured in numerous newspaper articles and interviews

Published Writing:

Articles: HABIBI, CRESCENT MOON, MIDDLE EASTERN DANCER, ZAGHAREET!, GILDED SERPENT online magazine; Belly Dance Reader; Washington Area Mid-East Dance Association newsletter.
2001 through present: Staff writer for ZAGHAREET! Magazine ("For Beginners" column)

Self-published Instructional Manuals:

"Kawakib's Dance Tips"
"Guide to Teaching Mideastern Dance"
"TRIBAL ODYSSEY Manual" (synchronized group improvisation bellydance)

Self-produced Instructional DVDs and Videos:

"BellyDance Basics with Anthea"
"TRIBAL ODYSSEY Level One Foundation" released 2011
Streaming Videos on Anthea's YouTube channel DanceEternal since 2012

Other Video Appearances:

1997 Nadia Hamdi Seminar Show, Gainesville FL (sponsored by Zarifa Said)
1994 Performed in "Lifting the Veil of Time" video: two Persian dances (choreographed by M. Khordadian), and original A Capella Finger Cymbal Solo (now on YouTube)
1990 Cassandra Show (sponsored by Bedia)
1988 Bedia's Recital, with guest artist Nelli
1987 through present: Various WAMEDA Haflas and Recitals


Composer of belly dance electronica - CD "Now To The Sky" released July 2008
Unreleased CD: Orbiter; some tracks available online