Belly Dance by Anthea: instruction for all levels

Learn from an experienced professional

Anthea Kawakib

Let me help you discover what thousands of women already know about belly dance:

Because I love this dance so much, my mission is to make it accessible for everyone.
Since 2000, I've taught hundreds of women (and a few men) in Fredericksburg, and everyone is welcome (ages 12 and up) because we are always family-friendly. I hold a
Teaching Certification from NATCMED (read more); and I promote a Code of Conduct.

Scroll down for a description of what you can expect in class.



What Can You Expect in Class?

Class begins with a warmup designed to bring your body to full energy and your mind into relaxed focus.
I lead you through basic foundation technique with steps and isolations like shimmies, shoulder rolls, and undulations.
We build on the basics with combinations and foot patterns.
Then follow me in group dancing to inspiring global music at various tempos; followed by a short water break.
Continuing students delve into the deeper topics of dance through different styles, props, and techniques.
We finish with a quiet centering circle to end on a high note.

Come at 7pm and stay as long as you want. Try a class for $15; this can be applied to the monthly registration if you wish to continue.

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