Belly Dance instruction for all levels

All belly dance, all the time, for over twenty-five years

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My performing and teaching career began in 1988. I've become a leading instructor; well known because of my booklets, articles, and videos as well as the high quality of my teaching. And I still enjoy teaching new students! Newcomers always feel comfortable and welcome in my class.
All of my classes follow a typical dance studio format, including warmup, drills, combinations and/or choreography.

My Fredericksburg class location:
Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Department, 408 Canal Street, 22401

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If you're just starting to dance, I think you'll enjoy trying belly dance with me - I have thousands of hours experience in teaching beginners, and I really enjoy introducing people to the wonderful world of belly dance!

With advanced students, I'm well known for my ability to teach the "hidden secrets" of improvising, as well as how to create your own choreographed dances, and polish your dancing until it shines! Choreography is like a visual poem set to music - try it yourself, you may discover a hidden talent!

In each of my classes I teach two styles: RAKS SHARKI (classic and modern belly dance), and TRIBAL ODYSSEY (follow-the-leader). They share the same foundation of belly dance moves, but are used in very different ways; each styles offers unique benefits.

For Beginning Students, and Beginner-Plus:

Fredericksburg, VA location (Dorothy Hart Community Center)

Intermediate - Advanced Belly Dance:

(Dorothy Hart Community Center, 408 Canal Street, Fxbg, 22401)

PRISM Dancers Rehearsal Club:

For dedicated dancers interested in performing. Meets three Fridays per month; 7:30 - 9:30pm. Each session is 3 months long. Enroll by invitation or application; must have two prior years of belly dance class. Location: Anthea's home dance studio. Rehearsal Club information.

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A special message from me to you:

My student-centered instruction presents a wealth of material on this beautiful art form. You get more than just steps and combinations - you see the "big picture" of belly dance, and develop a depth of appreciation and understanding of the finer points of our art.

Our foundation is Egyptian-style Oriental Dance, including Middle Eastern folkloric dances such as cane (Raks Assaya). We also feature American belly dance specialties with props, such as Veil, Sword, Candles, Fan Veils, and more. My skill with finger cymbals or zills is well-known: see my famous Finger Cymbal Solo video (courtesy of Serpentine Communications channel) or my "how to play zills" videos and more on YouTube: Dance Eternal.  I've taught this skill to many students in classes and workshops and my Intermediate students all learn how to play zills (or finger cymbals) as well.

Our "follow the leader" group belly dancing is called Tribal Odyssey. Students benefit by developing focus, awareness, and graceful transitions while dancing. This structured format will help you easily learn to play finger cymbals while dancing!

I also offer private and semi-private lessons, workshops, and professional coaching for individuals and groups at my lovely home dance studio. I can help you become a professional if that's your goal. My background as a featured performer in DC area restaurants for 20 years helps me prepare students for the professional world.

My unique and effective teaching method was reviewed and certified by the National Association for Teacher Certification in Middle Eastern Dance in 2008. Click here to read comments from the review board. My holistic approach will help you explore your abilities to the fullest, and develop an inner strength that enriches your life even outside the classroom.

I believe my 25 years as a full-time professional dancer and instructor reflects my serious commitment to the dance. I love helping dancers reach their dreams in dance! Come join us - we welcome new students from all walks of life!


Anthea (Kawakib) - Cane Dance
Raks Assaya
Egyptian Folkloric Dance
photo by S. Dodd
Pop belly dance solo in Richmond
Raks Sharki modern Egyptian Pop
photo by Anne Savedge
Anthea - Tribal Odyssey
Tribal Veil Improvisation
American ITS Belly Dance
tribal fusion solo
Tribal Fusion Belly dance