Former students who've become professional teachers or performers

Here are some of my lovely students who are now making their own "Bellydance History" in Fredericksburg Virginia and beyond! (in alphabetical order).

Students who wish to enter the professional arena find they're already well prepared because of the extensive knowledge and experience they've gained by studying and performing with me. Dancers who wish to become professional can develop a solid foundation in my advanced belly dance classes and/or performing group. Share your dreams and goals with me and let me help you find your footing in the professional world - ask about mentorship.

Adara Janaani

Al-'Anqa, central and northern
Al-'Anqa of Northern Virginia (Phoenix Raqs)

Alexandra_Rachel of NC
Alexandra (NC)
Shadows of the Fire

Basima (CA)
Oasis Dance Studio 

Kiyaana of Fredericksburg VA

Kreela (Charlottesville VA)
Mountain Mirage Troupe

Shakti of Kaua'i, Hawai'i
Shakti (formerly of Charlottesville VA,
now based in Kaua'i, Hawai'i)

Rajni of Georgia
Rajni of Athens, Georgia
Qamar Tribal Odyssey Bellydance
Athens Bellydance