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Kawakib's Dance Tips

Concisely written and easy to understand, with diagrams and illustrations; 8.5" x 11" stapled; over 40 pages. This is the soloist's resource for creating choreography, understanding music, and making your dance beautiful.

My approach to dancing is that of an artist and musician. During my teaching career I've learned how to break down these concepts so my students can begin to see - and think about - the dance from an artistic perspective. 
  1. In Part 1 you'll learn the secrets of good choreography: what to listen for in music; dynamics and form; ideas on stage position and use of space; movement flow and transitions.
  2. Part 2 includes the hidden structure of popular belly dance music. Find out how to identify rhythm and diagram music; plus taqasim; finger cymbal patterns simple to complex, including unique rhythmic effects.
  3. Part 3 helps you understand what makes a dance artistically pleasing: discover the elementary structure of dance and learn how to build on it; become aware of how personality is projected through dance; and what it really means to "take it to the next level".

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