Tribal Improv Style Belly Dance Combinations

Section D: Structured Group Improvisation



SECTION A: Medium tempo (Masmoudi, Beledi) 
SECTION B: Slow tempo (Chifti-telli)
SECTION C: Taqasim, & Creating Your Own Combinations
SECTION D: (this page)

GLOSSARY or LIST of Abbreviations

CCW=Counter Clockwise
CW=Clock Wise
F=Forward or Front
fl=Flat foot
LOD=Line of Dance
o=Ball of the foot
o/h=Over Head
t=Touch (not a 'weighted' step)

Section D: Structured Group Improvisation

This version of Improvisational Tribal Style (group improv) is called "Tribal Odyssey Bellydance™" (TOBD). You can learn more from Basics through Advanced level Tribal Odyssey on my YouTube channel: see the Tribal Improv Tutorial Playlists.

Keep in mind these are for group staging, and face the LF corner, where the leader is. For more info see the TObellydance home page.

To medium-tempo 4/4

Sequence 1 (a repeating step w/turn optional. It takes 16 cts.)
*Cue: R arm  up, L to F
Cts. 1,2: RS, L hip-lift (R arm up; L arm F at sh. level)
Cts. 3,4: LS, R hip-lift (opp. arms)
Cts. 5,6,7,8: RS, L hip drop,drop,drop.
Cts. 9-16: This sequence ALWAYS repeats to the opposite so you end up on the correct foot for the next sequence (whatever that may be): all of the following "tribal style" sequences will start to the Right on ct. 1.

(*"Cues" are necessary in this style as the group follows a designated dance leader through a learned repertoire of specific step sequences.)

For the optional turn, pivot 1/4-turn CCW during the 'L hip drop,drop,drop' (on cts. 6,7,8) so everyone is now facing the LB corner; the dancer in that spot is now the leader! The "turning cue" is for the lead dancer to turn her head to her left as she starts the drop,drop,drop.

Sequence 2 (a repeating step w/turn optional. It takes 8 cts.)
*Cue: Wrist flip out at sides, sh. level (palms end facing down)
Cts. 1,2: rolling fig. 8 to R
Cts. 3,4: continue rolling fig. 8 to L
Cts. 5,6,7,8: repeat above to R, L.

For the optional turn, "T" your Right foot (nestle the heel against the inside of your Left foot)
on ct. 5 so you end facing the RF corner as you finish the sequence.
The dancer in that spot is now the leader.

Sequence 3 (a travel step, for when the dancers are facing into a circle*. It takes 8 cts.)
*Cue: torso turns to face L arm at chest, R out to side
Cts. 1,2: RXF, LS to L (turn upper body to L on RXF, L arm is in at chest level;
face straight ahead on LS to side.)
Cts. 3,4: RXB, LS to L (L arm goes out to side, R curves o/h on RXB)
Cts. 5-8: Repeat above; all dancers are traveling in a CW circle facing each other.
The leader can start another step in this new stage position, but sooner or later, she or
one of the other dancers will have to stop and take over the leader position at LF.

*Details: The lead dancer forms the circle by quickly spinning to face the other dancers.

© 1999-2013 Anthea Kawakib Poole