Belly Dance Class Schedule and Teaching Fees

Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Class Fees

Private, Semi-private or Makeup Classes at Anthea's Private Dance Studio

Choreography for Troupes or Individuals
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Twenty-five years of teaching all levels of students has given me a clear understanding of how students really learn. My classes are unique in providing fun and fitness as well as a solid foundation in belly dance technique - and good technique creates beautiful belly dancing!

Students who wish to become professionals gain real-world experience in my advanced classes and performance group. Those who enter into a mentor-ship with me also learn about defining goals, dealing with clients, setting prices, developing teaching skills, handling students and more while maintaining a high standard of professional ethics.

Also available: Teacher Certification for Tribal Odyssey Bellydance™

Class schedule and cost

Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Department:

Register in person or online through Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Dept.
New Student Trial (Drop-in): $15 (Belly Dance Basics only).

Anthea's Private Home Studio: Rehearsal Club by invitation.

All new students begin at Basics level unless otherwise approved. Drop-In for your first class; it will be credited to the full registration if you wish to continue. Observing a class costs the same as participating; please contact me first. Sorry, no videotaping; no refunds after first class.

If you've taken belly dance before try Basics or contact me to help you decide which level would be right for you. Please do not enroll in another level without approval. Missed a class? You can makeup in any other class, if you provide prior notice.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

- Semi-private Lessons - 2 students
  $35.00/hour (each student)
  $30.00/hour if also enrolled in group class 

- Semi-private Lessons - 3 or more students
  $25.00/hour (each; no discounts apply)

- Private Lessons
  $65.00/hour if also enrolled in group class

- Coaching for Performance
  Same as Private Lesson rate, or half-class (30 minutes) available for $40.00
  (no discounts apply)

Please note: Special fee schedules apply to students who miss their appointment without notice or cancel repeatedly; details on request.

Workshop, Master Class, and Performance Rates

Standard travel fees apply; transportation and lodging are negotiable.

Tribal Odyssey Bellydance™ (synchronized group improvisation)

$150 per hour (2 hour minimum), or 70/30% split of net profit, whichever is greater. Contact me to learn more about how your group can benefit from these specialty topics:
All specialty topics above include ways to change the Leader. This not only provides greater adaptability onstage, but acts as a "relief valve" so that one dancer is not leading all the time.

Are you a Troupe Leader? You know how difficult it can be to schedule performances around dancer's schedules. Tribal Odyssey is a valuable addition to a troupe's repertoire because it enables you to schedule shows more easily no matter how many dancers are available for a show.

Tribal Odyssey is a team-building belly dance experience! Your group can quickly learn the basics of this group improv style and experience the flow of belly dancing together in the moment without choreography. This format develops the group mind with focus and awareness, and helps create tribal teamwork instead of competition.

Certification for Tribal Odyssey teachers is available locally or through online coaching.

Classic Oriental - Raks Sharki - Folkloric - Modern Belly dance

$175 an hour teaching (minimum 3 hours); $150 for 12-15-minute performance on same day; or 70/30% split of net profit, whichever is greater. Contract required before date or event announcement. Please see Workshop Topics for both dancers and non-dancers. PDF or limited paper handouts on material provided.

Choreography Fees for Troupes and Individuals

- Original choreography for solos or group (2-6 minutes) - $600.00

- Choreography from my personal repertoire (2-6 minutes) - $300.00

This includes two 90-minutes classes or one 3-hour class*; written choreography notes; costuming advice; permission to videotape the instruction for private reference; and (if you provide me with a video of your performance) a review with written notes to correct or polish the choreography.

 *This applies to classes at my private studio and within one hour or 50 miles distance. Travel expenses are negotiable; the base rate for each hour or 50 miles (one way) of driving is $100.00, 2-hour maximum (one-way). Contract required.

You'll have performance rights to the choreography except where it would conflict with me (ie., at a show where we both are performing), and the right to teach it to subsequent members of your troupe. Please credit it to "Anthea Kawakib" when possible in program notes, handouts, etc.