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Free Lessons:  Learn to Dance and Play Finger Cymbals, Zills, step by step.

Special Topic: Chakra Isolations (by donation)

Learning with on-demand videos

Each Playlist contains several short videos (similar to DVD chapters) that cover background info, combinations breakdown, performance tips, live clips, and more. And any Playlist purchase comes with a Bonus: an 18-minute Bellyrobics Warmup and Isolation Drill video - $10 value, free.

What is an Access Pass?

Ordering is easy. Pick the Video Playlist topic you want to learn, then:

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Oriental Belly Dance Choreography

Each topic below is a playlist of several short videos like DVD chapters. Included are technique tips, step-by-step breakdowns, and full performance of each dance. As a bonus, you can download the choreography notes in PDF form.

  • "Tafta Hindi" Circle Dance (Beginner level) $15.00. See the Beginner Dance Playlist - it's just like the DVD (now out of print).
 Anthea's belly dance
                basics dvd

  • "Aphrodites Mysteries" Veil Dance (Beginner Plus) $20.00. Chiftitelli Veil Dance This intriguing Veil Dance climaxes in a flurry of exciting veil moves. (Beginner Plus)
veil dance
  • Silk Veil Dance (Beginner Plus) $12.00. Fun and flirty veil dance to "Battlestar Muzaktica" from BSG, by Bear McCreary.
candle dancers
  • Pharonic Candle Dance (Beginner Plus) $25.00. Beautiful stage piece. Includes a free music download of "Circling Light" mp3. The dance adapts to a solo dancer or group. It's stately, mysterious, and mesmerizing!
  • Coming soon: "Raks Araby" Entrance Dance - a George Abdo classic! Features strong hip work, isolations, and turns. (Beginner Plus).
 raks araby dance
  • Most popular: Funky Combos to Arabic Drum Rhythms (Intermediate level) $20.00 includes notes and mp3 of the drum rhythms. This dance uses three basic dance rhythms of Arabic music: Masmoudi kebir and seghir, and ayub. Teach the 3-rhythm song to your drummers and perform it to live music! Simple sagat (finger cymbal) patterns can be added as well.
bellydance rhythm dance

  • "Raks Sagat" - Finger Cymbal Dance (Intermediate/Advanced) Shorter (and easier) than my signature solo on the Serpentine Channel. Break out of the boring zill routine! This dance not only expands your rhythmic repertoire but also helps you understand how to add cymbal patterns in your dancing.

Not sure which video is for you?

Each dancer's journey is unique. Let me know what you're looking for, your goal, experience or how long you've been dancing, and I'll suggest videos for you. If you're not satisfied, exchange your purchase for another (restrictions apply).
Browse the Oriental Dance collection here: Streaming Videos for Students - includes both free and premium videos.

Group Improv Combinations

Are you on a tribal belly dance journey?

Improv Tribal Style is so different from choreography! You and your group create a new experience together every time! Learn tactics, cues, and combinations from these on-demand videos. Topics include: 
  • Slow Combos with Finger Cymbals
  • Fast Combos with Finger Cymbals
  • Mesmerizing Arm Patterns
  • Sizzling Skirt Combos
  • Lovely Veil Combos
  • Beginning Blades Tribal Sword
Browse these videos and more at the Tribal Odyssey Bellydance online shop.

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