Performer's Agreement for the PRISM Dancers

You will get a hard copy to sign before your first public performance

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  • When I am scheduling a show (other than a class party or recital), please let me know if you have a previously scheduled performance date within 2 weeks before or after ours. This may affect whether you can participate in my show.
  • If you're scheduled in our show, please leave the 2 weeks before and after the show date free of other performance and rehearsal commitments. (Exceptions may be made if you're performing the same number in both shows).
Allowing two weeks before a PRISM show gives you at least that time for rehearing; and two weeks afterwards gives you time to rehearse for your other (non-PRISM) commitment.

The following guidelines apply to all shows:


  • Do not call Anthea on the day of the show except for emergencies. Find out about costuming, makeup, hair, performance details, etc. BEFORE the show date.
  • Performers are responsible for knowing the show location, how to get there, and the location phone number or Anthea's cell number.
  • Soloists must turn in their music when requested, by mp3, or on a new, high-quality CD in a case, with no other music on it; labeled with your name and the dance you're doing. Also prepare a back-up copy and bring it with you to the show.
  • If your Solo dance or costume is not ready for Dress Rehearsal (if called), or if you do not participate fully in the D.R. (except through prior arrangement with me) you will not be in the show.
  • Performers must arrive at least 45 minutes before a performance.
  • Practice your dance numbers before the show date, not backstage at the show.
  • Please do not wear costumes to or from a show or rehearsal unless otherwise specified.


  • Please bring a cover-up to wear over your costume if you need to go out of the dressing room.
  • Please do not bring your friends or family backstage or into the dressing room.
  • Underwear (bra and panties) must be worn under all costumes.
  • If you're wearing a borrowed costume, please use antiperspirant, and try not to eat, drink, or smoke in costume.
  • Do NOT sew on or make any permanent alterations to a borrowed costume.
  • No videotaping, unless by prior arrangement with me.


  • Return all borrowed costumes to me at the end of the show (unless by prior arrangement with me) on the same hangers or in the same bags if applicable. If you do take it home, please air it out but DO NOT WASH IT.
  • Every performer helps to set up and take down after each show.