About Anthea Kawakib

My Arabic dance name, Kawakib (pronounced kah-WALK-ib), means "planets"

For details on my dance background, see my full resume

My professional career in Oriental (belly) Dance includes:

  • 19 years as a featured dancer in the DC area. A "featured dancer" means weekly or more performances on a regular basis. My regular venues: The Athenian Corner, Sahib, El Cid, Atilla's, and the Culmore during late '80's - early '90's; and monthly with live band at Casablanca, Alexandria VA 2002 - 2006.
  • From 1992 - 2007 I also performed as a featured dancer at the premier Moroccan restaurant, the Marrakesh. This 15 year run was  the longest-running engagement in DC for an Oriental Dancer. Read more about my belly dancing at Marrakesh
  • Since 1986 I've performed almost every year at "First Night Virgina", (a New Year's Eve arts event).
  • Winner of "Best Kept Secret" 1999 National Award.
  • Staff writer for Zaghareet! Belly dance Magazine since 2001.
  • Teaching Certification earned in 2008 through NATCMED. (Read comments from the review panel).
  • Founder and Artistic Director of the PRISM Dancers (student performing group) as well as previous performing groups Tribe Odyssey East, and the Award-winning Pearls of Rhythm troupe.
  • Former member of Topkapi Dancers (Fairfax, VA folkloric troupe) for ten years, including several as Artistic Director. 
  • Hundreds of shows through my Belly Gram Service from 1986 - 2008.
  • Coordinator of Dance Eternal productions, providing reliable and professional belly dance shows and events in Fredericksburg VA.
  • Co-creator of Tribal Odyssey group improvisational format of belly dance
  • Composer of Tribe O electronic belly dance music

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